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Domani Genoa // Janus of Beginnings
18 December
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Name: Domani Genoa
Name Meaning: Tomorrow's Gate
Sex: Male
Birthday: December 18
Age: 27
Appearance: Domani has a "graceful" body and body movements for a guy, with aquiline features and an overall androgynous appearance. His limbs would be considered narrow and tapered, elegant. He has purple eyes and ash gray hair of medium length with long bangs that partially cover one eye. He's 6'2'' and weighs 145 lbs.

Personality: Domani is flamboyant, loud, and charismatic. He'll talk himself in, out, and around any situation he possibly can, regardless if the person is interested or not. He believes himself to be a leader and other should naturally follow him, and has personally taken the role of leading all youths he meets "towards their true potential as shining adults of the bright tomorrow of the future". Children are precious to him, and believes that they should have strong role models for the future. He has an eye for culture, and keeps himself immaculately, if extravagantly, groomed at all times.
Domani does not believe in modesty, as one should not be ashamed of their own talents and good points. He will praise others for their good work, though he praises himself twice as much than anyone else, and can be easily influenced and caught up in a situation or emotions. He is also extremely superstitious, and carries around and collects protection charms from dozens of cultures and religions. He believes in every single one, and though he himself was raised as a Roman Catholic he has a very subdued and lax view of religion in general in regards to others. He tends to hold himself to higher religious standards.
Strengths: Pricing antiques, public speaking
Weaknesses: Superstitions, modesty, people under the age of 20
Future Goals: To own an original Leonardo painting

Favorite Gemstone: Onyx
Favorite Food: Tortellini stuffed with lamb
Favorite Subjects: Art history
Least Favorite Subjects: Physical Education
Activities & Hobbies: Collecting antiques and protection charms
Occupation: Antiques dealer and owns an antique shop

Current History: Domani was raised alone by his mother, his father having passed away when he was very young. His mother, also an antique dealer, traveled around the world with her son on her trips and hunts for the most recent piece she wanted to add to her collection. She also taught her son the art of eloquence and he inherited her natural charisma and beauty. Privately tutored as a child, Domani is fluent in Italian, English, and French, and he began studying Japanese in recent years after a late interest in Japanese antiques and art culture.
Moving to Japan was done almost on a whim for Domani, having arrived for a trip to see an art auction and ending up buying himself a penthouse. He moved to Marin City recently, mostly because he wanted to open up a antiques store and be renowned in a city as the possessing best (and only) antique art collection. He has a store, but he rarely does any work there. Domani’s mother still lives in Venice, Italy.


Knight Name: Janus of Beginnings
Realm of Influence: Transition
Colors: Black and royal purple
--Mask: Black mask that covers the upper part of his face and a point high on his forehead, gilded with glittery purple designs.
--Shirt: Tight purple shirt with billowing sleeves cuffed at the wrists and high-necked. Pinned at the throat with an onyx and adorned with a flourish of purple feathers.
--Jacket: Black jacket with fitted waist, buttoned at the waist and reaching mid-thigh. High collar. Decorated with purple embroidery at the edges and breast.
--Gloves: Black gloves with wide cuffs and purple embroidery.
--Cape: Long black cape with purple lining.
--Pants: Somewhat flared black pants with purple piping.
--Footwear: Knee-length black boots with wide cuffs.

Transformation Item: Oversized iron skeleton key set with an onyx.
Transformation Phrase: "Janus Satellite Transition!"

Fighting Style: Long-range indirect
Strengths: Magic-type environmental effects, relies heavily on his staff as a bludgeoning weapon.
Weaknesses: Physical attacks
Weapon: Janus Keystone
Other Items: Sharp-pointed feathers used for throwing

Name of Attack: Silent Evolution
--What it looks like: Janus swings his key and a ball of purple energy appears.
--Damage/Effect: Borrowing a power from his mistress, Saturn, Janus can create a simple ball of purple energy to attack.
--Accuracy/Effectiveness: Dodgeable, hits with low-level energy

Name of Attack: Condition Conversion
--What it looks like: The Janus Keystone glows purple, followed by the desired target glowing briefly
--Damage/Effect: Reverses the "element" of an attack or small area to its opposite (ie. Fire to water, solid to intangible, wet to dry)
--Accuracy/Effectiveness: A move that requires a moderate amount of energy from Janus to perform and is not done often.

Name of Attack: Universe Transition
--What it looks like: The Janus Keystone summons a large, black door that opens to another place.
--Damage/Effect: Transports whoever goes through the door to another location.
--Accuracy/Effectiveness: Another maneuver that requires a great deal of energy, and as such is rarely used by Janus. If anything, he probably does not even know he has this ability.

Past History: The Janus star crystal slept on the moon of Saturn, awakening when Sailor Saturn appeared on Earth. When Saturn did not return to her planet, Janus went to Earth and was born as a human there to find his princess.
Mission: To protect Sailor Saturn and the moon Janus

Played by mementolucifera at otakusailorwars